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Cupcake Challenge Birthday Party

I like some of those cake decorating shows; it amazing to me to see what the professionals can do with a cake.
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One of the shows I watch is the Food Network’s Challenge.  The competitors have a limited time to plan and implement a fairly vague request in a ridiculously short amount of time.  Sounds like the perfect premise for a party.  You know how I love a good themeparty!

I invited a friend to teach a few quick cake decorating techniques to the kids.  She brought some fondant and tools and taught our contestants how to make flowers.  She also brought several cake decorating magazines for inspiration.

Armed with knowledge, a source of inspiration, and an official party spatula, we paired off the guests into teams.  Each team had 15 minutes to plan their cupcake masterpiece.  They could use up to three cupcakes, choose their frosting color and request a selection of candies available needed to complete their design.

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Each team then had 30 minutes to create their masterpieces, including a hand decorated place mat as part of their presentation.  Some used all three cupcakes, others only two.  I thought there would be a lot more stacking of the cupcakes since most cakes on those fancy decorating shows are stacked cakes.

I also invited a few of our neighbors to be our “celebrity judges”.   The contestants were judged on skill, overall appearance, and artistic presentation, use of color, difficulty, originality and neatness.  I took the kids in the back yard for a relay race during the judging. Who could stand that kind of pressure?

After judging and pictures, the winners were announced and we enjoyed other party activities; mainly opening gifts and the official birthday cake so the contestants could take home their masterpieces if they chose along with their official party spatula.