Cry-Baby Syndrome

With my oldest, I handled the “terrible 2’s” with grace.
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I got through the “horrific 3’s” with no issues.  The “frustrating 4’s” were a piece of cake.  But now, I am dealing with the “freaking annoying 5’s”.

I am not one to yell at my children in public, but earlier today at Target, I just couldn’t take it any longer.   My son has a case of the cry-babies.  He whines and cries every chance he gets.  That added to the destructive attitude of my 2 year old (which I am not handling his terrible 2’s very well), put me over the edge, and I did raise my voice in public.  Just my luck, there was a family walking down the isle.  I’m sure they had the same thoughts going through their minds that I have when I see mothers raising their voices in public.  I’m not going to mention those thoughts just in case you are one of those mothers.

I tend to normally keep my cool.  I mean, my oldest is at school all day, and I really am excited to pick him up.  I have all kinds of after school fun planned, and we have a good time… or we did.  Here lately he has been acting different.  I think it started with a fever.  Maybe some night sweats.  But he definitely has a full blown case of “Cry-Baby Syndrome”.  I’ve diagnosed him myself (no, I am not a licensed physician).

These are pretty much the only words that come out of my son’s mouth anymore:

“It’s not fair that Bubba….”  “I want…. and it’s not fair!”  “Bubba looked at me….”  “Bubba touched my head!”

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  How do you handle yourself?  Deep breaths, ignoring, and explaining no longer work.  My little mommy made monster is never happy anymore.

There is a saying, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”.   Well, how about “If your 5 year old isn’t happy…. it’s time to send him to his room and have a bottle of wine”.


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Green Boots

When my oldest son was 2, we took him to the Crocs Outlet store in Allen to pick out a pair of shoes.