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Counting Down ’til Daddy Comes Home (w/ free printable)

My husband travels a lot for business and as my twins are getting older, his time away is harder and harder on them
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We are halfway through another trip and my daughter is constantly asking when he will return, especially at bedtime.  She misses his goodnight hugs and kisses.

The other day she was really sad and when I said he wouldn’t be home for another 4 days, she actually got mad at him.  It broke my heart and so I started thinking (and searching the Internet) for ways to help her understand his time away a little better.  While searching I came across a FABULOUS website with a free Daddy Countdown printable that was exactly what I was looking for.  There was no need to re-create this oh so cute wheel so I quickly printed it off, laminated the main card and stuck it on the fridge (BTW – Mardels has self-service laminating machines that cost just 25 cents a foot!).  Every night at bedtime, instead of hugs and kisses from daddy, we now pull a link off the chain and count how many days until he returns.

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