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Color Me Mine

Heard of this place? I hadn’t, up until a few weeks ago!
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A friend had a birthday and wanted to go there, so we went along to check it out.

Color Me Mine is in the Provo Riverwoods (north side) and it’s basically a ceramics studio. Except the hard part is done for you, which is making the pot/glass/plate/thing and all you have to do is paint it however you want! Here’s how it works:

First, you pay a sitting fee, which includes use of the studio, along with use of the brushes, palettes, and paints. Then you pick out a piece of ceramic-ware that you want to paint and pay for the piece. (Actually, you pay for all of this together at the end, I’m just telling it in the order I learned while I was there.) Then you take your piece, learn about the different paints they have and how to use them, and get started painting! Once done, you pay your fees and hand over your ceramic for them to glaze and fire for you. Then wait 3 days, go back, and it’s done and ready to go home with you! They even package it up all nice, so you can give it as a gift in their bag!

For my personal experience:

I was a little overwhelmed by the place and at first didn’t know what to do or if I wanted to make anything at all.

Then I saw this:

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Oh, back to the good ol’ Sesame Street days! They have lots of examples scattered around the store to get your creative juices running! I loved this and wanted to make one just like it, but the artist in me hated copying someone else’s work. So I found another piece to make:

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This twisted vase was actually exactly what I had been looking for to hold a nickel-plated rose my husband gave me over 6 years ago, so it was a perfect fit for me! My husband chose a ceramic cup, that is supposed to look like a crumpled party drink cup. Here’s how they looked all painted up, before handing them over to the employees to glaze.

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Want to see how they turned out?

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Ooo, I was super happy with how they ended up looking and I just love my new vase that I could make any way I wanted!

Now, for some technical details. Their fees are not too bad, I had to pay $8 per person for the studio fee, $10 for Rob’s cup, and $17 for my vase. But if you have an Entertainment Book, it has a buy one, get one free studio fee for anyone. So take a date with! Also, since I’ve done it, I have seen Groupon certificates to cut the price in half and a Screamin’DailyDeal that was $10 total for studio fees for up to 5 people. (That’s $2 per person studio fees!) So if you cringe at the prices, make sure you look around for coupons and watch your deal sites. Something is bound to come up! Or, you can also check their calendar, where they list special days that have special pricing fore certain activities, and go one of those days!


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