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Cloth is Easier and Cheaper Than You Think

Cloth is Easier and Cheaper Than You Think
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Even if you have never thought of using cloth diapers, no doubt you have heard about them or have seen advertising for them. When I was pregnant I thought that cloth diapering wasn’t for us, that it would be too time consuming and complicated. I was proved wrong by experience. 

We used chlorine free disposables for the first six months of my daughter’s life. That entire time she had a rash that would not budge. I probably spent at least fifty dollars on trying both natural and chemical diaper creams, none worked. I decided that trying cloth was our last hope, I could no longer watch her suffer. Not to mention we were spending more than we could afford on disposables.

Our first set of diapers were five pocket diapers that I instantly fell in love with for the simple fact that the rashes were gone with just three diaper changes and no creams! I was baffled why I waited six months for that. I even managed to cloth diaper full time with just five diapers by doing laundry every day. Of course to make my life easier and to account for traveling we expanded the stash to fourteen diapers and that has been more than enough.

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On top of that, I calculated how much money we were saving and it put a smile on my face. With one modest income and a huge mortgage I knew we couldn’t really afford disposables, but it was deemed a ‘necessity’. Not anymore, I discovered. Cloth diapering added about twenty dollars of detergent costs per year and unnoticeable water costs that did not even register on our quarterly water bill. With my calculations we were saving about a thousand dollars a year compared to the cheapestdisposables. Even more savings compared to chlorine free diapers we were buying. That is with cloth diapering one baby. We’ll be saving even more with the next baby since we already have the diapers. Consider that our stash is composed of all-in-ones and pocket diapers, savings can be even greater with prefolds.

It did not add much more laundry than I was already doing, it did not stink up the house, and it was really simple. Perhaps simpler than doing dishes by hand. If you can load a washer and dishwasher, you can cloth diaper. We never have to run to the store because we’re out of diapers. Our water bill hasn’t changed, surprisingly. I forgot to mention that they are completely adorable and you don’t need to cover them! I am really happy with this choice that was best for the health of our daughter and our wallet. If you think you can’t cloth diaper, you should try it, perhaps you’ll be a lifelong convert like me!


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