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Cleaning Out the Closet

Cleaning Out the Closet
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Our family is experiencing a major life change right now and part of this involves cleaning out my son’s old clothes, toys, etc.  We have saved all of his stuff in the hope that we might have another child, but he’s 5 and we are not even close.  We haven’t given up on having another one, but we are looking to move to a smaller place with less storage.  In preparing for this major change, we have to sell his stuff.  We just can’t hold onto everything forever.  I am not going to be featured in “Hoarders” because of this!

My son is very happy to help because he knows this will get us to where we all want to be.  I’m amazed at how willing he is to part with his old clothes, toys, books, etc.  He doesn’t seem to be as attached to his things as I was at his age.  It’s a little harder for me because of the memories I have.  Some of his clothes were chosen by my dad before he passed away, so that makes it a little more difficult.  However, the extra cash will come in handy as we move towards living the quality of life that we so desire.

I have been researching various consignment companies because it’s hard to make any money when you take them to a store or try to sell them yourself.  You will have to give up an initial fee of anywhere from $9-$12 and a percentage of your profit.  It’s particularly hard for me to pay the fee and the percentage as I am a little stingy.  I prefer to keep all of the profit myself, but a little less money is better than no money at all.  The other part of consigning is the preparation of the items you are selling.  They all recommend that you iron the clothes.  Iron?  I haven’t picked up an iron in a decade!  This is going to be very interesting.   You should also pay attention to their instructions on how to label the items you wish to sell.  They are very particular on what needs to be done and how to do it.  I found that some sites had instructional videos and FAQs that guide you through the process.

If you volunteer at the events, you can earn extra perks like extra money back or extra money to spend.  For those moms who are stay at home moms, this is great for you.  It is a little more difficult for moms like me who have to work full time and then take care of the kids in the evening while the other spouse works.  Hangers are also a big thing for these events, so make sure you have enough of the right hangers that they want.

One of the things you should research is whether they are particular about the brands that they accept.  I had to withdraw from one sale because they wanted more boutique items instead of clothing that I purchased at Sears, JCPenney, Walmart, Disneyland, etc.  Yeah, I can’t really afford boutique prices so I wouldn’t be reselling them either!  Some are also particular as to what clothes are in season at that moment or what are the current trends in design and fashion.  I have collected a list of some of the most active consignment events in the valley to help you get started with your cleaning.  Here they are:

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Kid’s Closet Connection – I have never sold with them before, but I have bought from several of their sales over the past few years.  The clothes are quality and we seem to get a deal.  It’s $12 to consign plus commission, so it is the priciest of the consignment events.  It does get heavily picked over before they open to the general public since they do open it to new parents first.  This is one we might try out because things do tend to sell really well.

Rhea Lana’s -I haven’t been to one of their events, but they tend to like more of the name brands instead of clothes in general.  They are on the lower end of their consignment fees, but they do give you 70% and that is more than some of the other consigners.  They are also a little different in how they wish to have their items hung and tagged from the other ones.  It does require extra time, supplies and elbow grease to prepare for their events.   They also charge a fee for early admission.

Just Between Friends -I am planning to try this one out.  I have never been to their events, so I am not sure how quickly things will sell.  The fee is $10 to consign and it is 65% return to you.  Their preparations seem to be similar to those for Kid’s Closet Connection, so that makes it easy to sell them at both locations without too much extra prep work.

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Lucky Duck Consignment -This one is based in Ahwatukee, so it is much further than I plan to travel.  However, this is a locally created consignment event by people who aren’t part of a franchise.  If you are looking to support a local grown business, this one would be it.  I’m not sure if there a consignment fee, but they do give you 70% of the sales so that is a good benefit.

Consignment Mommies – This isn’t a consignment company, but they do give you great advice on consigning and also finding the consignment events in your area of the country.  It’s a great resource for learning how to consign and how to present your items to sell.

These are only the major consignment events that I personally am aware of in Arizona.  I am sure there are more events, but these seem to be more well known and well organized.  Happy Consigning!


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