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Chronicles of Squidgyboo

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This blog is pretty basic- it’s ALL ABOUT SQUIDGE. I’m not trying to make any money or win any popularity contests. I’m not a frustrated writer. I don’t pretend to be an academic extraordinaire. I’m just a girl who met a boy who had a baby trying to keep in touch with those people that matter.

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Marathon Chronicles: Finding the Right Focus

Ten whole miles. I can now run ten miles without completely collapsing onto my driveway when I am done.

Marathon Chronicles: Training Funk

Now I understand more completely why, when deciding to run a marathon and throughout your training, they advise you to tell everyone you know.

Focus on Foster Families: A Unique Kind of Mom

Foster Care: A Unique Kind of Mom

When I first became a foster mom I had a dream. In my dream I was holding and cuddling and loving a darling baby, feeling so proud to finally be a mother. But I soon realized something was wrong.