Child Not Typical: Adventures in Parenting a Non-conformist Kid


A fledgling blog inspired by my oldest, who has defied convention in ways big and small since the day he was born. My developing philosophy is that some kids--most kids, maybe--would be better off if parents stopped trying to make them fit into the averages and norms that fill parenting books. It's not a novel concept, really, more a fancy of way of saying, "Let's let our kids be for a bit." The funny thing is that when a parent tries to put that theory into practice, they run up against their own expectations, prejudices, and value judgments, some of which they may not even have known existed. This blog is a chronicle of this process in its beginning stages. My hope is that the other moms can benefit from knowing that some things considered odd can also be universal, and be able to relax into parenting and enjoy their kids more. Or maybe just stop by and have a laugh!