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For all of the moms out there who wish “something” was different, who wish they could petition for change, I have just the outlet for you., one of the most influential activist groups in the country, if not the world.

They provide a social media platform to “empower anyone, anywhere to start, join, and win campaigns for social change.”

Whether it is dangerous food dyes in Mac & Cheese, the need for multicultural Barbie dolls, or women’s rights, there are a myriad of petitions that can be signed, demanding change.  Instead of complaining that you wish things were different, take initiative and start the change you wish to see.

If there is an issue you would like addressed that isn’t already out there, you can create your own petition for change.  The petition platform is surprisingly easy to use, and is broken down into simple steps:

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Popular petitions on are topics of: economic, criminal justice, human rights, education, environment, animals, health, and sustainable food.

While I had seen friends “petitions” on Facebook, being a fair weather Facebook-er, I had never actually clicked on one of the petitions. I recognized the name,, but didn’t fully comprehend what they were all about until this week.

They are amazing! Their entire organization – what it stands for, what it supports, and provides for people who want to voice their opinions is remarkable. Everyone has a right to be heard.

Check it out.  I guarantee you will find a petition you want to support.

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