Capturing Every Small Moment

This is my job. To capture, freeze, and memorialize small moments to last forever.
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I’m almost positive few of you have ever thought about your photographs as heirlooms or precious objects but, essentially that is what they are. I hold dear every photo I have of my dear grandmother or each little moment captured of my growing toddler. I bet you are rethinking putting off your little one’s portraits for another year now huh? You should! These moments, no matter how small, happen only once.

Being a wife and mother I have experienced some of these precious moments myself. There are moments I think of and cringe that I never pulled out that camera. I think that a lot of the problem stems back to being unprepared. No one explained when we’ll want pictures taken and how to make them pictures we’ll truly treasure. These will be the pictures we don’t regret spending a single cent on. This is my goal to let you know when, how and where to schedule your portraits, how to preserve them, and give you photoshop tips to scrapbook them.

I would LOVE to hear what you’d like to learn from me! You can email me here with any questions and it may just be the topic of my next post! To check out my work visit my Monkeyface Photography site. I hope you’ll be back to follow up more with me and just to introduce myself I’ve posted a family photo below. Enjoy!


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Small Space Living

I don’t know how many people, like me, are struggling trying to find ways to decorate and survive in small spaces.

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KD Photography

I love taking pictures of my little ones, the capturing of those daily memories that I know I will soon forget.

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