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Cabin Fever Kid Tricks

How easily I forget the AWFUL cabin fever that sets in this time of year.
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What we really need this time of year is to be outside, we need to feel the cold air on our nose and see our breath as we play outside.  Unfortunately, the inversion hinders us from that.  So what’s a Mama to do?  Have an arsenal of indoor active games to play to burn the energy.

Hot Lava has been a favorite with the littlest ones, but the big boys soon join in. Don’t let the hot lava (the floor) touch you, avoid the hot lava by putting cushions and pillows on the floor.  Jump from pillow to pillow, smiles soon ensue.

I came home one night to laughter from my bedroom and found my husband sumo wrestling with the kiddos.  A hilarious site to see.

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A good old pillow pile will do the trick.  Gather ALL the pillows in the house and let the kiddos jump from the couch into the HUGE pile.

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A balloon and paddle will keep them busy for awhile.

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Music and dancing will cure any cabin fever!  No explanation needed, except get the video camera ready.

We brought out the big guns this year with an indoor snowball fight.  Use big cotton balls, crumpled up paper, or socks to TRY and HIT your opponent.  Bases are a must!

And if all else fails…Mama’s Boot Camp will burn what ever energy they have left!  Jumping jacks, sit ups, push ups, mountain climbers, P90x’s superman and bananas!

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Cabin Fever Ideas

How do you beat cabin fever? Share your favorite tips.

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