Bring Your Kids to Work (or not) Day

Last year, I brought our older daughter to the much publicized “Bring Your Kids to Work” festivities.
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Since we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves so much,  I brought her two year old sister for this year’s event.

We were off to a good start as the girls were eating breakfast in our work cafeteria.  However, as they finished their food and more kids/ parents started to pour in the cafeteria, my little one sensed it’d be perfect timing to let her inner beast run wild.  It was a no holds barred day for my little one.

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I knew her behavior was going to set a precedence when our she tried running away from me while the other kids patiently listened to our main presenter. As her mother, I tried to reign her in, but it was useless against her super-human strength (seriously, how could these kids be so strong?). I felt as if I was wrestling an alligator only worse. In addition, all eyes were on me while trying not to get too bruised up and poked from all her flying limbs (yes, hands and feet).

We had to make a hasty exit, but not before our little one thought it would be funny to run down the hallways lined with booths and candy and proceed to lay down as if she were at home.  With sweat trickling down my forehead, it was evident her erratic behavior was stressing me out. That’s when something clicked! Her little antics were humorous.

I made peace with the fact that disciplining her surrounded by my work peers would be futile. I let her run wild and down the hallway (along with the other kiddos).  I had hoped that by the time we were at my desk, the girls would run out of energy.

Truth be told that by the time we got to my desk and had their fill of candy, they were hyper and used my scissors to cut any paper in sight coupled with spilling drinks on the carpet. We called it a day at lunch time where I dropped them back at daycare and I worked the rest of the day at home.

Next year, we will not be bringing our little one. Instead, I will wait a few more years.