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Bring Your Baby Matinees

You’ve welcomed your bundle of joy and between feedings, diaper changes, and laundry you’re feeling a little stir crazy.
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You’re not comfortable leaving your infant with a pimply teenage babysitter so you’re starting to fear your baby shower was the last social event you will ever attend.

Now you can go to the movies with baby! and AMC Theatres have announced their new program, Bring Your Baby Matinees, available at Deer Valley 30, Desert Ridge 18, Mesa Grand 24, and theaters around the country.

On the first Tuesday of each month at noon you can enjoy a matinee in a baby-friendly environment. There’s an area for parking strollers and if baby gets hungry, feel free to breastfeed. Don’t worry if your little one gets fussy, a little crying is expected. Also, you won’t be losing baby’s favorite pacifier in pitch blackness or scaring them with dramatically booming sound. During Bring Your Baby Matinees the auditorium lights are brighter and the volume is lower.

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Perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to sit through cartoons. AMC Theatres will be showing the popular films that you want to see. Now when people are discussing the latest blockbuster you can join in on the conversation!

To find a participating theater near you, visit or

I received a free ticket to attend a Baby Matinee in exchange for my review.  All opinions and observations are strictly my own.


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