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Bring Home a Furry Friend

My daughter LOVES our two dogs.
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Given, it’s not easy constantly dragging out the vacuum to suck up pet hair.  And the poor kid is going to lose a finger as they are constantly jumping up on her high chair trying to gently grab a Cheerio she is dangling over the side.  And I do spend the majority of the day trying to shoo her away from their water bowl.  Walking two dogs while pushing a stroller?  It takes a unique talent.

But despite the extra work for me, they are a big part of our family.  The dogs patiently lay there while she pets them in her own toddler way.  They bark like crazy when anyone comes within ten feet of her stroller.  When she was teeny tiny, they slept under her bassinet whenever she took a nap.  And when she first found that baby giggle, it was usually directed at them.

Sadly, there are many dogs in the Bay Area who are not part of a family and looking for a forever home.  Is your child begging for a furry friend?  Check out this link to the Tony La Russa Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) located in Walnut Creek.  It could be one of the best decisions that you make for your family, even with the extra vacuum work.


Bringing Home the Good Life

Sitting in my garage, taking advantage of a quiet car to return a few calls, I noticed an empty food processor box on a shelf. “Bringing the Good Life Home” read the logo.