Books for Coping with Stranger Danger

It’s at the top of the news hour almost every night.
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Abductions, attempted abductions, child predators, missing children.  It’s nonstop, and it’s scary.  It’s important to talk with your child about strangers and what your expectations and rules are regarding people that you don’t know, but how do you deliver the message without terrifying them?

I like to sneak important lessons and concepts into bedtime. It’s quiet, you have their full attention, and you can let the Berenstain Bears tell the story and do your dirty work for you.  Interject with additional comments when necessary.

Read on for a list of books that you can read to your child to teach them about stranger danger.

The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers by Stan and Jan  Berenstain

Because they really rock at explanations, and this book is no exception. The tip list for stranger danger at the end is an added bonus.

Seven important rules to personal safety written by a child safety expert.

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Never Talk to Strangers by Irma Joyce

Showcases different situations a child may find themselves in and what to do if a stranger approaches.

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Once Upon a Dragon: Stranger Safety for Kids (And Dragons) by Jean E. Pendziwol

Fairy tale magic with concrete advice.

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Some Parts are Not for Sharing by Julie K. Federico

Fish deliver some big information in a non-threatening and age-appropriate way.

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Read it!