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Best Troop Leader Ever – It’s Going to be ME

Yep, that’s me. Or what I aspire to be at least.
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I’ve all ready shopped the patches and badges at the Girl Scout store and people better recognize!

Let me put it this way – when it comes to cookies, we are the only troop within a lot of miles. In other words – we might set some records. Especially for 1st graders.

But seriously – let me tell you why I’m so excited for Girl Scouts. I took my little girl to the Mom and Me camp this summer and I was blown away by what a great experience it was. Here are some quick pics before I get to my deeper meaning . . .

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Other highlights included the fact that the tents were awesome, just like the ones in the old school “Parent Trap” movie, we made picture frames, friendship bracelets, and I even had to visit the nurses cabin because I laid in some alfalfa while star gazing (and am apparently allergic to alfalfa).

But back to my deeper meaning . . . I spend a lot of time thinking about how to raise confidant, ambitious girls. I think it’s important to try new things, to set goals, to meet new and different people and get fresh perspectives. And I think Girl Scouts is going to be a big part of that equation in a very positive way. And just to make sure that it is – I’m going to be our little troop leader.

Now, I’m also kind of time strapped (like most of us) so taking on a Girl Scout troop sounded a little bit intimidating at first. The cool thing is that I can build my little troop any way that I’d like for the most part. I’m also spreading the love and relying on each mom in our troop to host a meeting/activity so that we can rotate.

I’ll post a few updates as we go along. I’m dying to go to camp Cloud Rim next summer – there is a private lake for canoeing, a pottery cabin, a photo lab, and more very cool tents. I’m almost as excited as my daughter is.

If you want to start a troop of your own (and you are nowhere near a competing cookie selling zipcode of MY TROOP 🙂 ) you can find info here:

Girl Scouts is $12 a year per girl and you can earn your way to camp and other activities with your troop’s cookie sales. I’m pretty much relying on my dad’s Girl Scout cookie obsession to carry us there.

If I’m not mistaken, October is when the year officially starts for Girl Scouts and the best time to start a new troop.

If you think I’m joking about the patches – think again. I’m going to have the best Daisy vest you’ve ever seen. Just wait.

Disclosure: Girl Scouts is one of our local advertisers, but I am joining and starting a troop of my own free will and choice 🙂 I was a Brownie scout when I will a little girl and have been looking forward to doing this since my daughter was little.


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