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Back To School Clothes Shopping — What Is Your M.O.?

I am done! Back to school clothes shopping is checked off my list.
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Wow, what an insane marathon of online shopping, outlet shopping and sale shopping to outfit my 3 kids. Let’s just say that my little town of Cedar City can only take you so far on the school shopping list. (I love you Cedar, but your clothes shopping options for kids 7-15 are awful.) I feel like I got some pretty good deals but I also feel that a lot of it was haphazard and I am already rethinking my plan of attack for next year.

This year, I shopped online a lot — looking for deals. I got some especially good deals from during a sale. One day we hit the sale racks of the 5 women’s/girls’ stores in town — DownEast Outfitters, Maurices, Rue 21, and Crown Couture and Christensen’s. Yep that is the limit of our tween shopping options in Cedar. Only two of those stores carry a limited amount of kids clothes for 7 year old girls or clothes for teen boys.

These limited options led me to St. George for an 8 hour marathon of shopping at outlets and our little mall. And now I am done and my pockets feel a lot emptier. In my mad dash I forgot to set a budget. However, I am pretty strict about what I will spend per item. I told my kids that I refused to spend more than $15 to $20 on each clothing item, with $20 being for pants or one or two special items. (Shoes get a bigger limit). Somewhere in the back of my head I had a mental tally of what we needed. But I definitely bought a few items not on the list.

What was on our list? Lots of leggings for both the 10 year old and the 7 year old.

OshKosh B’Gosh leggings from the outlet. (They have the cutest leggings this year. These are currently $9 on their website.

Old Navy has cute girl leggings for $5.

Next year I am thinking of giving each kid a monetary limit, possibly a prepaid debit card for my two older kids. Anything over the limit has to be bought from their own earnings.

So my question for you is what is your M.O. for shopping? Do you have a per item limit? Does each kid get a budgeted amount? Do you spread it out or make a big shopping trip event? Do you have favorite stores you hit up first? We love Ross and T.J. Maxx for teen boys and men’s clothing. Aeropostale is usually our go-to store for hoodie fall jackets and I love Famous Footware for shoes.

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​Bought for $20. But Aeropostale is having a 30% off sale between August 9-12.What is your school clothes shopping M.O.