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Back to School Clothes Shopping List

I am the worst at shopping for clothes.
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Without a detailed list I can’t remember what I need. Hence my closet full of black t-shirts. (They go with everything!)

This problem is compounded when I’m shopping for my wee children because just when I get their sizes burned into my brain, they hit a growth spurt and I’m standing in Target, alone, trying to eyeball a pair of sneakers for my girl.

Since we’re coming up on (or already into) the new school year the kids are going to need a few new things. Oh sure, we could all use a scribbled piece of notepaper, but what fun is that?

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Try this handy Back to school Clothes Shopping List to keep track of all of your notes, sizes and quantities. (Download the full size file here.)

Keeping track of your coupons…now that’s another story. Let me know if you figure that one out.


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