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BabyTalkers is the most fabulous and friendly pregnancy and parenting website around! It is your place to connect with other moms online. You will find information on almost any topic dealing with pregnancy, parenting and trying to conceive, from charting your cycles, baby names and baby care to health concerns, post-pregnancy weight loss, family friendly recipes and children’s fashion. No matter your interest, there is something for everyone!

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Bonus Baby

Last night I did what I ordinarily do around eleven o’clock. I shut down my laptop computer and put it away, then closed the book I was reading and set it on the lamp stand next to the sofa. I brought my water glass and my wine glass into the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher. While my husband went outside to smoke his last cigarette for the evening, I climbed the stairs and readied myself for bed.

Enemy at the Baby Gate

Like generals heading into battle, my husband, Jeffrey, and I prepared for every possible condition in readying ourselves for the arrival of our daughter.

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Creating a Green Baby Nursery

Most days the fact that I am an Interior Designer by trade doesn’t cross my mind.

Baby Steps to a Big Dream

Inspired by the toddling steps of her son, Sandra Wilson started Robeez out of her basement and favorite brand of footwear of Mamas and kids was born.

Oh Baby, Baby Mix

These are all songs my infant daughter loves and dances to while running errands, hanging out in the house etc. Some are children's songs, and others are ones we've just discovered that she likes.

Dear Baby Blog

This adorable chronicle of two little ones and their mama will brighten your heart. From a great post on having fun with baby boy clothes, to what it was like working and nursing a child with challenges, we think you'll love to keep up with Melissa and her crew.