Baby Items “Must Haves”

Baby Items “Must Haves”
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When you bring your little one home for the first time as a first time mom, you don’t really know what you will use or not use. You have some idea of what will be useful and you registered for those items.   But only seasoned moms know what they can’t live without.  I polled my mom friends on facebook to see what items they couldn’t live without.  They range from the mom whose baby is less than 2 months old to the mom whose kids are married with kids of their own.  This is the list they provided and I added my own “Must haves” to it.  Enjoy!

1.Blankets for swaddling or even better — a ready-made swaddler!  I loved mine because I could pull it tight and then velcro it shut.  It made it harder for my son to wiggle out.

2.Swing.  Even better than the car sometimes!  Make sure you stock up on batteries.  The one I had took C batteries, so we stocked up on batteries at Costco.  It was well worth it!

3.Diaper Pail. Some preferred Diaper Genie, but I like our diaper pail by Dekor because you can use regular trash bags in it once the special bags are gone.  It’s much easier to have a diaper pail than putting the diapers in the regular trash.  Trust me, the smell will convince you!

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4.Boppy or nursing pillow.  I preferred the one that I could velcro around me and it had pockets!  It is important to have several covers so that you can change them.

5.Breast Pads.  Even if you choose not to breastfeed, you will leak.  The more you have, the easier it is to switch them out when they get yucky.

6.Nipple Cream.  It’s more than a must have for breastfeeding.  It is great for cuts and scrapes when they are older.  It’s also great for facial abrasions.  It’s one of the safest things to put on a kid’s eyelids.

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7.Bibs galore!  When they start drooling and drooling, you will need a stack of bibs each day to deal with the drool that comes out of their mouths.

8.Gas Drops.  Whether you use gripe water or some other method, it helps!  I used Colic Calm for my son and it was very helpful.  Colic can be difficult to deal with sometimes and the drops help relieve some pain, if only for a little while.

9.Nursing blankets and burp rags.  There are a variety of nursing coverups, blankets, etc. that are available based upon your preference.  For me, it was all about how big it was.  Burp cloths can be the special made ones or even a small blanket.  It is very helpful in times of spit up.

10.Camera.  You want to capture all of the cutest moments and faces while they are so young.  (It also helps with balckmail later!)  Some of my favorite pictures are of my son sleeping in someone’s arms.

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