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Ask Governor Herbert to Veto Sex Ed Bill – HB363

Ask Governor Herbert to Veto Sex Ed Bill – HB363
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Last week, the Utah Legislature passed HB363, a bill that would require schools to either teach abstinence-only sex education, or not teach sex education at all.

I believe HB363  is a ludicrous and harmful bill that creates a problem instead of solving it. And it turns out that I’m not alone: 36,000 Utahns signed an online petition in the 36 hours after the bill passed to ask Governor Herbert to veto this sex ed bill. Makes sense, since the overwhelming number of Utahns opposed the bill, as did the Utah Parent Teacher Association.

With that kind of support, surely the Governor would veto this stupid piece of legislation, right?

Not exactly, in an article titled “Thousands Call for Herbert to Veto Sex Ed Bill“,

Herbert was not available for comment Friday, but a spokeswoman said the governor’s office has received thousands of calls, emails and letters regarding HB363. Herbert has said that he will not be swayed by mass email campaigns and would make a decision based on what is the best policy for the state of Utah.

(emphasis added)

That’s right, the online petition and emails don’t matter. He won’t be swayed by them. Does that make you as angry as it makes me? Good. Because I’m FURIOUS.

90% of parents choose to opt-in to sex education in Utah. Sex education in schools helps assist parents in talking to their children about what is going on with their bodies and the risks they could encounter. Some parents don’t even provide the basics of sex education for their children, putting ALL of our children at risk.

The current system allows ANY parent the right to opt their children out of sex education, but less than 10% do (and I remember it clearly: everyone in school had to have a signed permission slip from their parents.) I absolutely teach morality and abstinence to my children; my children deserve factual sex education taught at school to compliment what I teach at home.

HB363 is nothing more than literally legislating ignorance. It removes my right as a parent to educate my children in the manner I see fit, in favor of appeasing a tiny minority–a minority that already had the right to opt-out their children. Not only that, but how do you think businesses feel that want to relocated to Utah when we are decided to opt-in to stupidity?

If you feel the same way, I urge to to call Governor Herbert at 801-538-1000 to tell him you oppose the sex ed bill, HB363. Make his phone lines so crowded he doesn’t have a chance. If you live in Salt Lake, go to his office in person. This is your democracy, too.



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