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Arizona Science Center

Looking for somewhere interesting and educational to spend the day with your children?
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The Arizona Science Center fits both requirements.  I recently spent about three hours with my two youngest children and it was not enough time!  The Arizona Science Center is great because there is plenty of hands on activities, and something for every age group – even toddlers.  Most adults would easily get into the fun too.

You can explore the ins and outs of a basic house; learning about electricity, plumbing and design along the way.  Then you can head over to the body center and see how different organs function and how the parts of the body work together.  Where else can you climb into a giant stomach and get an idea of what it feels like to be digested?  We also had a little too much fun throwing balls up a giant nose until it sneezed them back at us!  For some reason, I couldn’t get the kids to follow me in the room to watch a heart surgery.

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While we were there we watched a demonstration on liquid nitrogen.  Did you know that it can deflate a balloon?  Don’t worry; the balloon will re-inflate when it warms up.  We also learned that liquid nitrogen floats along the floor when spilled.

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Next, head upstairs and play in the physics room.  That was where we had the most fun learning about levers and pulleys.  I even laid on a bed of nails – the kids were too chicken!  Finally, we checked out the communication room and Solarville.  For an extra fee, there is also a planetarium and an Imax theatre.  You can even ride a SkyCycle.

I’d love to go back and see the new Real Pirates exhibit that opened up at the beginning of October.

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