An Indoor Play Place for All Ages

An Indoor Play Place for All Ages
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Have you ever wished, especially if you live in Texas, for an indoor play place where your kids can run wild for hours on end and you are not required to buy a meal? Plano has the answer to your prayers! Visit the “Indoor Safari Park” and let your children turn into the monkeys and lions they have always wanted to be.

This innovative idea allows children of all ages to run, jump, play all in their own age-specific areas. The toddler’s area is full of large soft floor wedges, ideal for crawling over, building with, or sitting on. There are two separate areas for ages “Up to 4” and then “5 and up”, enclosed with tubes, slides, ball pits, trampolines and much more.

With each paid admission, which I feel is very reasonable at $9.99 per kid, your child will receive two train rides through a “tropical jungle” and one zebra or dinosaur robotic animal ride. (They kind-of creeped me out but my kids loved them!) The animals have movable legs on wheels and it “walks” around in a circle while an employee stays close by. Just use your imagination and see it through your child’s eyes!

Train tables, endless putt-putt, sliding, climbing, ball pits, and trampolining! Go ahead, it’s OK for you to allow outside running while you enjoy the inside air. Take a seat on one of the chairs, or benches for your much deserved break. Snacks and drinks are sold for reasonable prices. You know your monkeys will get hungry for pizza or ice cream after hours of running amock!

Ok, Ok, I know what you will say, ‘Why didn’t you tell us about this earlier?” Well, my friends, I, myself, did not discover this place until the last week of summer! I really could’ve been using this one all June, July and August!

A second Indoor Safari Park is located in Southlake. Watch out for your local “Deals of the Day” that come through your email, I snagged one up for half price for my kiddos! What a relief, two kids running wild for only $10, while I can sit and…., yes, sit! Now, that’s a deal!