A Week in the Woods Book Club

The Roberts Family Book Club is in session again!
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To celebrate the completion of A Week in the Woodsby Andrew Clements, we did a simple orienteering activity. I learned the little compass we were using wouldn’t help much if we really need it to help us get anywhere. According to the cheap thing, north can vary by a 90 degree range. But we still had fun and my kids learned how big a foot is compared to a step.  I set up the course at a park close to our home.  We started at a marked spot, and then took a certain number of steps.  At each point we attempted to get our bearings with the compass and preceded in the correct direction the required number of steps.  We fumbled our way to our desired destination.

We’re planning another orienteering activity in the near future using a more accurate compass, and setting up a scavenger hunt using compass bearings to go from one point to another.

All of us in the book club enjoyed the book. The one child that didn’t  participate didn’t like the attitudes of a couple of the main characters. One of the things I liked about the book was the way the main characters dealt with the mistakes they made.  Both children and adults made some bad assumptions and choices and then set a good example of how to turn those kinds of behaviors around, to right a wrong.  Besides having a good “moral” of the story, A Week in the Woods has a good pace and holds kids attention, and mine.