A Movie That Is Actually Appropriate For Young Children!

A Movie That Is Actually Appropriate For Young Children!
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When was the last time you took your young child to a “kid’s movie”, and your child was either scared, sad, or there were too many sexual innuendos? It’s probably not hard to think of the last time. Most of our favorite kids’ movies are rated PG, meaning Parental Guidance is suggested. Why? There a sexual innuendos, scary parts that may be too scary for young children, or inappropriate behavior.

Another problem with taking young children to the movies is that there is no way some young kids can sit still and quiet during the entire movie. You end up in the lobby for most of the movie, and the money you spent on your ticket goes to waste.

This is the problem that Kenn Viselman recognized and actually stood up and did something about it. Ken Viselman is the creator behind popular kids’ shows such as Thomas The Train and Teletubbies. He recognized that there weren’t enough G-Rated shows out there, and set out to prove to Hollywood that parents DO value shows that are truly upbeat and happy. Parents DO need a show that they can take their preschool age children to without worrying their child is being too loud, or that the child will be scared or sad.

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In “The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure,” (watch a trailor) there is no bad guy, no sexual innuendos, no evil or darkness, and children are encouraged to get up and sing and dance with the movie! As a parent, that takes a lot of stress out of taking young children to the movies. Knowing that they don’t have to sit and act like “young adults” when they are only three or four years old is refreshing, and it’s fun for the parent to watch their child dancing and happy!

Last Tuesday I got to attend the premier of “The Oogieloves in The Big Balloon Adventure,” and spend some time listening to Viselman, Stabile and their marketing director discuss the idea behind the movie and their vision for the success of the movie. Stabile stated that there is enough darkness, evil and sadness in the world, why would we want to pay to have our kids sit through 80 minutes of that in a theater? It makes perfect sense, and I appreciate that somebody has finally seen “our side” of things and did something about it!

Not surprisingly, they had a hard time finding a Hollywood studio that would help the movie get to the big screen. Hollywood usually doesn’t see the value in these kinds of movies. How great would it be if we used “the power of  mom” and proved to Hollywood that we do value these kinds of movies?! There is nothing more powerful than a mom’s influence, and I think that if we all get out and support this movie, we can show Hollywood that there is a need for G-Rated movies in the theater that we can take our young children to. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of movies that are too sad, too dark or too much for the adults more than the kids.

It was fun to see a lot of stars that parents will recognize, such as Toni Braxton, Christopher Lloyd, Jaime Pressly and Cloris Leachman.

The movie comes out in theaters August 29th (“Oogust” 29th). Find out which theaters near you will be showing this fun movie.

More about “The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure”:

What kids and parents are saying about “The Oogieloves In The Big Balloon Adventure“:

  • “I liked Rosalie Rosebud. She was cute! I liked that I didn’t have to be quiet in the movie, and the songs were a lot of fun!”- Allison, 8 years old
  • “I liked not being quiet! It was fun to get up and sing and dance! It was fun to see the turtles and butterflies on the screen!” – Samuel, 6 years old
  • “I liked it because the Oogieloves were cute and we could stand up and dance and talk during the movie. My favorite character was Toofy because he was funny.” – Eden, 7 years old
  • “I like the Oogieloves because they had to find the balloons, and Toofy’s pants kept falling off because he wasn’t wearing a belt. It was fun cause we could talk during the movie. I like Zoozy the best.” – Zion, 5 years old
  • Gideon, 2 years old, has just kept saying Googy over and over.
  • “I liked that there is a movie out there that is completely appropriate for all 3 of my children to watch. Even most children’s movies have something that will scare my 5 yr. old, or some innuendo that confuses my 7 yr. old and I have to come up with an explanation for, or words that we don’t say in my house. It is nice that this movie held the attention [for the most part] of my 2 1/2 yr. old and was appropriate AND entertaining for all 3 of my kids! When I heard that it was made for preschoolers I was worried my 7 yr. old would be bored, but it was the opposite, she loved it as all of them did.” – Rachel, mother of three.

About Kenn Viselman

Kenn Viselman (Producer) founded The itsy bitsy Entertainment Company (TibECo) in 1995 after being recognized as the mastermind behind the marketing success of Thomas the Tank Engine. He was the driving force behind the rebirth of such children’s classics “Eloise” and “Noddy.” Under Viselman’s leadership, TibECo became one of the world’s most successful and admired children’s entertainment companies. Viselman was a producing partner behind the phenomenon known as “Teletubbies,” one of the most successful children’s brands in history.

In addition to producing “Teletubbies” in association with Ragdoll for the Western Hemisphere, Viselman’s efforts include the top-selling soft toys, puzzles, games, books, videos, clothing and ancillary products. Viselman helped to conceive and oversee all of the company’s PR and advertising campaigns for each of its award-winning products. By the age of 30, Viselman was responsible for more than $2 billion in sales. By 40, that number had skyrocketed to $15 billion. After a luxuriously early retirement, he has returned to entertainment after nine years away. The Kenn Viselman Presents…banner focuses on enjoyable and non-violent content for children and their families to share.

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