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A More Accurate Summer Forecast

About ten years ago, I vacationed in Arizona.
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It reached 106°F during my trip, and I was shocked at how…downright pleasant that temperature was. This magical “Dry Heat” barely caused underboob sweat, even in the triple digits.

And that is a beautiful thing.

I grew up in Massachusetts, then moved to New Jersey, so was used to anything above 85°F being nothing less than painfully oppressive. Weathermen didn’t just give the temperature, itself, they also gave a “Feels Like” temperature to ensure you knew exactly how miserable you’d be that day.

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I could see how this kind of forecast would confuse someone visiting the Northeast from Arizona and its delightfully arid neighboring states. Hearing, “Today expect temps in the 90s, which Feels Like 101” sounds to them like “Today expect a beautiful day, which Feels Like a lavender-scented warm towel after an invigorating massage.”

To prevent further miscommunication, I created a more accurate Feels Like chart for those of you traveling to the more humid states this summer.

You’re welcome.


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