A Love Letter to my Son

A Love Letter to my Son
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You had me completely smitten when those two big brown eyes first looked up at me moments after you entered the world and changed my life forever.  Now at 27 months, those eyes still look up at me but with a certain twinkle in them and I can see your charming personality gleaming through.

I won’t ever forget how you smiled all the time as a baby, how you wouldn’t wear a hat and immediately took it off once you realized it was on your head. I love how you love hugging other kids and give the best big hugs to adults. You took your time learning to walk; but that is okay; once you started you were practically running everywhere you went. I love how when you need to get somewhere now you run and don’t walk.  I love how you hug your baby sister; how you want to show her every thing you have; how you read to her; how you tickle her; how your voices gets a little higher when your say her name. But most of all I love how much you love her.

You are learning every day; repeating words and combining them and starting to form sentences. I love when we read and you ask me, “what’s that mama?” Your curiosity is so enjoyable to watch.  I love much you love to read.  I love when you smile so big you close your eyes.  I love how you run to the door when your Dad comes home and open the door for him.

I love how cautious you are with new experiences. Going down a slide you tend to look and make sure it’s all right before sliding down.  I love how you pretend to swim in the bath tub. I love how you hug all your stuffed animals and say their name before you do it.  I love your fascination with shoes and that a trip to Nordstrom’s kids shoe department makes you so happy.  You have made trips to Trader Joe’s fun with your love of pushing the cart and filling it with groceries.

I love your love for Thomas, Handy Manny, and all things Mickey.  I love how we play pat-a-cake on a daily basis and we have to do it at a minimum ten times to make sure we don’t leave anyone out.

You have made me smile over and over again and I constantly wonder how I got so lucky.  Thank you for continually making me melt with your eyes, smile, and loving personality.