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A Love Letter to my Baby Girl

You had me instantly when I saw those big brown eyes of yours.
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They are a chocolate color that just melts my heart. And that hair! I could not believe the amount of dark hair that was on your little head. My heart fluttered when we met for the first time. You are going to be an amazing little girl, I can just tell.

You wake up every day with a smile. It is so great to wake up to. Sometimes, you wake up before me, and I find you in your bassinet just looking up and smiling. Your eyes twinkle when you smile; it is magnificent and mesmerizing. I hope you never stop smiling…

You are a mover and a shaker! I knew we were in trouble when you started crawling at 5 ½ months. You did not want to be left behind! Now you follow your brother all through the house. It is the cutest thing ever. If he is in a chair, you are right there under the chair trying to be with him. You constantly smiling and laughing at me, your dad, and your brother. You are so strong. I love your feistiness! Your older brother constantly wants to play with you and will not leave you alone EVER, and you just sit there smiling up at him while he hands you toy after toy. You are going to be one tolerable little lady.

You have made these last six months unbelievable and unforgettable. I cannot wait to teach you about life, love and all “the little things”.  You are one special little girl. Thank you for being you.