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5 Tips for Selecting a Great Dog Sitter

5 Tips for Selecting a Great Dog Sitter
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You want to give your dog the very best, from thebest dog crate beddingto the best toys and food, to the best possible dog sitter for when you are away from home. A dog sitter is more than someone who just comes to your home to give your dog food and water, and take him out for a walk a few times a day.  A great dog sitter is someone you can trust, especially since he/she will be taking care of your beloved pets when you are traveling for business or pleasure.

Therefore, it is vitally important to choose your dog sitter wisely.  You will have the peace of mind of knowing that someone who is skilled, honest, and great with animals will be taking care of your pets, and you will know that your pets are at ease, rather than stressed, while you are gone.

5 Questions to Ask While Searching for a Dog Sitter

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  1. Is this person a genuine animal lover?  Does this dog sitter have pets of his/her own, or has he/she had pets in the past?  You will want to hire someone who is a pet lover, just like you are.  You do not want to hire someone who is in the pet sitting business just for the money, but rather you want someone who thoroughly enjoys spending time with all types of animals and who has a genuine concern for their well being.
  2. Is this person able to handle dogs of all sizes and temperaments comfortably and with confidence?  What kind of training does they have that qualifies them to handle dogs of various breeds, personalities, and sizes?  No matter what type of dog you have, you want to know that you are hiring someone who has worked with a variety of dogs, from tiny breeds to giant breeds, and from docile dogs to those that may have a negative attitude.  If the dog sitter can prove that they can handle any kind of dog by showing you a dog training certification, that is definitely a plus.
  3. Is this person certified in Pet First Aid?  Will he/she know what to do in an emergency?  You want to hire someone who is able to assess an emergency situation and respond to it quickly.  It could mean the difference between life and death.  In a pet first aid course, an individual learns many things, including how to perform CPR on a dog and how to stabilize an animal until the pet is brought to the emergency veterinary center.  Ask to see the sitter’s certification as proof of having completed the course.
  4. Is the pet sitter interested in learning all about your dog before the job starts?  This includes learning what your dog likes and dislikes, what their usual temperament is, what type of food they can and cannot eat, what type of exercise or medication is required, who your veterinarian is, etc.  The more the dog sitter wants to know about your dog, and the more genuine concern he or she takes in the welfare of your dog, the better.  You will definitely want someone who pays attention to detail.
  5. How long has the pet sitter been in business?  Do they use contracts that indicate what services and fees you can expect?  You want to hire a dog sitter who has been doing this work for years and has a good reputation.  Search online, ask others for reviews of the dog sitter’s work, and make sure that the reviews are positive.  You will also feel better with a written and signed contract between yourself and your dog sitter that makes it clear what you can expect of the dog sitter, and what you will be expected to pay.  And don’t pay up front; it’s best to pay at completion of the job, if possible.

About the Author

Jane Warren is a freelance writer and animal lover who enjoys sharing tips and information with fellow pet owners.  In addition to fostering animals in need, she loves to travel the world and explore the oceans by scuba diving and participating in various water sports.   She has also been known to pet sit from time to time, for family and friends in need!  Visit her website,, to get some great tips for pampering your pets!


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