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4 Things a Man Would Never Admit…Written by a Man

(This post is written by my husband, Greg.)
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Jeff Foxworthy, the comedian, once said he heard a group of women talking to each other about men, and overheard the following, “Ooo, I wish I knew what he was really thinking.” “Ladies, Foxworthy said, “I will tell you what we’re really thinking…We’re thinking, “I’d like a beer and I’d like to see something naked…That’s all we’re thinking. You go to a nursing home and see a ninety year old man going down the hall on a walker and that’s what he is thinking. I’d like a beer and I’d like to see something naked.” As clever and funny as that is we men are more complex than that. Listed below are 4 things most men would never admit about themselves.

1. Men have insecurities:

What? A man insecure? How can this be? Let me state that all men struggle with some kind of insecurity. It might be about our weight, height, age, appearance, or inability to provide the lifestyle we want for ourselves or our families. We want to succeed at all costs and when we come up short we internally struggle with insecurities.

2. Men have identify issues:

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Who are we? How should I identify myself? Am I a son to my parents, a boyfriend to my significant other, a husband to my spouse, a father to my children, an employee at work? We often have a hard time reconciling what our role is because we wear so many different hats. We want to be the person who does it all, but we often fall short and put up walls or justifications on why we fall short. We like females have an inherent need to be needed, but would never admit that aloud or publicly.

3. Men have feelings:

I used to say arrogantly in tough situations, ” Good thing I don’t have feelings or they might have actually gotten hurt”. What? Who am I trying to fool. OF COURSE men have feelings. We bleed, sweat and feel just like our female counterparts. Just because we don’t admit it or we try to mask our feelings by being a “tough guy” doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings. If you could cut through the harden exterior of most men you will find a lot more sensitivity than what is outwardly manifested. Trust me!!!

4. Men want to be HEARD more than they want to be RIGHT:

If you ever talk to a man he always has to be right? Right? He won’t ask for directions. Thinks he knows everything. You can relate to this, right? But in an honest moment, when I am talking with my wife, it is way more important for me to have her to listen and know why I feel what I feel rather than hearing her just tell me, “You know what honey? You were right.”


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