12 Cool New Water Play Ideas

Hot, bored, grumpy. These are the sounds of summer, am I right fellow Mamas?
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August is sweating on and some of our early favorite summer boredom busters get a little, well, boring. (Gasp. I know.) It’s time for some fresh ideas on how to entertain our youngsters. I’m going out on a limb to guess that by now you’ve filled up the baby pool and yanked out the basket of tub toys for some outside play so many times that your eyes get a little crossed every time your youngster brings it up in conversation. Me too.

Well now. Let’s think outside the baby pool on this one, shall we?

How about:

  • Paint brushes
  • Scrub brushes Sponges
  • Paint roller
  • Straws
  • Ice cubes (or ice bergs made from freezing water in Tupperware)
  • Kitchen tools: ladles, Tupperware, plastic cups, bowls, anything that holds water, or doesn’t depending on how creative you’re feeling)
  • Spray bottles or spritzers (almost done with that spray sunscreen? Don’t throw it out!)
  • Homemade sprinklers – punch some holes in an empty two liter with a nail.
  • Recycled containers that squirt, (shampoo bottles, dish soaps, etc)

When you’ve had a bunch of fun exploring those different tools try out some of the following scientific explorations:

  • Sinking and floating (play how many marbles does it take to sink a toy boat, or which container requires more marbles to sink?)
  • Adhesion (if I get these popsicle sticks wet, do they stick to the porch? How about leaves, do they stick to the chair? What about rocks?)
  • Volume (which container holds more scoops of water?)

What are you waiting for? Go get wet!

Elissa Peterson is a busy homeschooling mama who likes to shake things up every now and again. Check out the interesting ways she keeps her kids away from the television on her blog and her pinterest