10 Easy Things We Do to Get Ready to Go Back To School

10 Easy Things We Do to Get Ready to Go Back To School
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If you’re looking for how to create an amazing “command center” in your home that will keep your home moving efficiently and includes a 10-step paper management system…well…then you’ve come to the wrong place.

No one celebrates the last day of school more than I.

In the summer we toss off the hustle and the routines. We sleep in, play in our jammies until 3p, and on occasion, have ice cream for dinner.

It’s the complete opposite from how we roll during the school year.

And while I’m not going to waste precious summer days by doing a dry run, there are a few things that I do during the month of August to get us ready for our back to school routines.

10 Easy Things To Get Back Into The Groove Of School

Get Breakfast Back on Track

Summer breakfasts have been a wee bit heavy on the…sprinkles. And whipped cream. But during the summer, we can burn off our sugar crazy by running around the backyard. But since it’s not a great idea to load my kiddos up on sugar and then pop them on the bus, we’ve been easing back into more nutritious, protein-heavy breakfasts. And I’ve talked to the kiddos about how we’ll be eating food that’s good for our brain and body so they can have a great day at school.

Wash Shoes, Lunch Bags/Boxes, and Backpacks

Our gear didn’t stop working when school let out for summer. We’ve hiked, camped, and packed ourselves to the pool, so we’re going to wash the summer dust off our shoes, lunch bags, and backpacks so we can start fresh.

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Clean Up our Family iPad

My kiddos, ages 5 and 8 have just aged out of a bunch of apps and games, so it was time to remove those from the iPad and free up some space. Now that my daughter (8 years old) is a regular user of the device and apps, I’ve also split her learning apps into a folder that’s just for her, so it’s easier for her little brother to avoid those. It’s also a good time to change up the passlock code, and rearrange the apps so the most frequently used ones are in the dock at the bottom of the screen.

Stock Up on Vitamins

I’m a vitamin slacker in the summer. But now that we’ll be sending kiddos back into the classroom, I’m all stocked up on our multivitamins, probiotics, and vitamin C. I figure it’s a good way to get ready for cold and flu season too.

One Last Late Night (Epic Fort Optional, But HIGHLY Recommended.)

We’re saying goodbye to summer with a few late-night movie marathons. We’ve piled up blankets and pillows and camped out together to watch a movie under a sheet-fort (complete with twinkle lights.) I love that we can always find something fun and entertaining to watch as a family on XFINITY On Demand. Our latest “discovery” was Night At The Museum, and now they won’t stop saying “Dum dum, I want gum, gum.”

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Clean Up the DVR

Our television watching is more family/kid focused during the summer. Even though we’ve become On Demand die-hards, we’ve been hoarding episodes of Phineas and Ferb, Paw Patrol, Wild Kratts, and The Lion Guard in our XFINITY DVR. But now it’s time to clear it out and make sure we’re ready for our favorite shows that we watch as a family return in the fall—The Muppets, Star Wars Rebels, and Fixer Upper. Snuggling together and watching a show is how we wrap up our school nights.

Prepare for After School / The Witching Hour

My daughter (going into 3rd grade this year) needed a few minutes when she got home from school to wind down last year. I learned to let her relax and have a snack while she took a little mental break after her busy day…after a few minutes, she was back to her bubbly self and hauling all her stuff out of her backpack to tell me about her day. A snack that won’t spoil dinner, but feels like a treat is just the ticket — graham crackers and milk, or a cup of applesauce. If we all need a bit more time, we fire up an audiobook and listen together.

Clean Out the Car

It’s time to get ready for carpool. It’s time to retrieve all the wayward Legos, wrappers, and so help me, SOCKS. We need room for backpacks and soon, coats, so we can’t be giving any extra backseat real estate to the summer leftovers.

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Jog Their Memory

We don’t do workbooks over the summer, but I think it’s a great idea to let them hop online to refresh their muscle memory with some typing and revisiting teacher-recommended websites to jog their memory. My daughter did a coding camp and has been asking to practices her new skills, so the hot August afternoons seem like a good time.

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Bookmark the School Calendar to Your Home Screen

Search your school district website for the school year calendar and add the link to your Home Screen (on iPhone) so you’ll always have it handy. Bonus points for adding school holidays to your family calendar app. Don’t let those early out days sneak up on you.

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Once school begins and both (BOTH!) my kiddos are in school, our time together becomes more limited and more precious and our Comcast XFINITY internet and television services allow us to get our work done (their homework, my actual work) so we can get to spending time together in one of our favorite ways—listening to an audiobook, or watching our favorite family friendly shows and movies together. And with multiple devices and users, fast internet speed is important.

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Lucky for us…we’re all set.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of XFINITY. The opinions and text are all mine.