Yup, I’m getting laid off…in Las Vegas!

Yup, I’m getting laid off…in Las Vegas!
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Yup, I’m getting laid off…in Las Vegas, even just writing those words (I’ve only said them a few times out loud) makes me want to run to the fridge and drink the whole bottle of Chardonnay, instead of my green smoothie.

It’s rather ironic — the timing, that is. I’ve been planning my departure for a couple of years. I’ve been building my voice and piano studio Chicksinger Studios, LLC steadily upward. I’ve been networking and collaborating with some of the amazing local talent here, singing with my own band, The Special K Project and of course, my all girl trio, Dangerous Curves. I’ve been working on my social media skills and knowledge and blogging and writing work. And, most importantly, much more time is going to my Little Man, who is now in kindergarten. Read about my feelings more in depth here on my Chicksinger blog.

Back to the ironic timing. I have felt for some time that I was ready to move on from this job and do my own Momprenuer thing. Make my own hours that are much more conducive to being home with my Little Man to do homework and attend school activities. Follow my music dreams of recording and writing my own show. But, it is definitely difficult to leave a steady income and good insurance! Difficult to say the least! Downright scary to tell the truth!

Now, the reason I have been away from writing is out of sheer busy-ness! I am basically doing 3 jobs during this transition,  I have a new music coach (a grad from Julliard and Broadway performer, yes, he is kicking my…well, you know), I have a business coach and oh yeah, that whole Mommy, wife, thingie. As Maria Kang says, “What’s Your Excuse”? In fact, my coach and I had a fabulous email discussion about time passing no matter what you do with it. Mmmmm, sounds like an upcoming post!

SO! I am back and I will let you know as many cool local Vegas things as I can! I’m gonna start with one of my favorite free things to do here in fabulous Las Vegas and it is at the oh-so-gorgeous Bellagio! You absolutely MUST SEE this time lapse video of the creation of their current botanical garden display! I’ve already watched it 3 times, lol!

YAY! Glad to be back, friends! If you are traveling to Las Vegas and have a question, please feel free to write me and ask me! I’ll do my best to find out and let you know! Find some of my personal posts on my Viewpoints of A Chicksinger blog and hey if you have a music or voice question, ask away!  (✿◠‿◠)♫❤

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