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YouTube Goodness from Craig Ferguson

Funnyman Craig Ferguson reminds us that regardless of your point of view, you’ve got to get out and VOTE!

YouTube Goodness from Craig Ferguson

Now that we’re in the thick of the Presidential election, it seems as though most of us are walking around with raised hackles waiting to spring into an argumentative rage whenever someone brings up the results of the latest poll/scandal/mud-slinging ad.

Oh wait…maybe that’s just me.

In the last week, I’ve gotten in a shouting match with my Dad and couldn’t help but start a political discussion at my dear friends wedding (in my defense, the Maid-of-Honor participated too). Just in the nick of time, funnyman Craig Ferguson reminds us that regardless of your point of view, you’ve got to get out and VOTE.

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So in the spirit of MamaVote…enjoy the video. Then go here to find your polling place for November 4th.

-Erin, TodaysMama Editor


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