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You Want to Wear What?

“Can I wear my princess costume to the wedding.” “I want to wear my Superman cape to school!” “I won’t be cold in just this t-shirt in the snow.”

“Can I wear my princess costume to the wedding.”

“I want to wear my Superman cape to school!”

“I won’t be cold in just this t-shirt in the snow.”

Kids’ sense of appropriate clothing doesn’t always match ours. Next time you need a quick comeback to a tricky clothing issue, try one of these.

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  • Say Yes. “Yes, I think your princess costume is perfect for today. Hang it on the front door so we remember to change right when we come home.”
  • Bring in the Authority. “The doctor said you need to cover your arms and legs in the snow. But you can put your t-shirt back on when you’re done outside.”
  • Be creative. “Keep that on underneath, but let’s put this on top. You can take it back off later.”
  • Compromise. “You can wear that in the car as long as we change when we get there.”
  • Be concrete. “We’ll write a note to remind us that you get to wear your cape later today. Draw a picture of it and we’ll hang it on the fridge.”
  • Use peer pressure. “Mommy wears shoes outside. Daddy wears shoes outside. Put yours on and you can be like a grown-up, too.”
  • Give In. Does it really matter if you’re in the grocery store with Cinderella and Batman? If it’s not unsafe or grossly inappropriate, roll with it!! Comment


Grown-up Play Dates

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Spring Potty Training

Dear Debbie, I want to potty train my child by this summer. What do you suggest? Strip him down and head outside. Potty training, nakedness, and the great outdoors go hand in hand.

That Time of the Month

“Mommy what’s that? What are you doing? Why are you putting that in your tushy?” Oh, my. I hadn’t planned this conversation.

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I need tips for getting my child to the car without a meltdown. Every day is a wrestling match to get the kid buckled in the seat….even if he’s going somewhere fun! Help!

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The Secret to Raising A Nice Kid

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Separation Anxiety

Dear Debbie, My six year old cries when it’s time to go to a birthday party, weekly dance class, anywhere not in her daily routine. She is a little shy. But she loves everything once she gets there. What is going on and how do we get out the door without these meltdowns? —Too many tears