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Earlier this month I had the opportunity to join a handful of bloggers in Santa Clara, to understand the work YesVideo does, to help people transfer, preserve and share memories.

Anytime I go through my closets to clean, I stare at my big box of tapes and worry over what to do with them. So I was thrilled to be invited to YesVideo headquarters to discover how they could take care of my memories, like they do, everyday, for people all over the country.

I bet you have a few boxes filled with some VHS tapes, or perhaps some mini-DVs, a film reel or two, and a random beta tape too. Growing up, my parents recorded our family on film reels, and I remember family night watching them via a projector.

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I’m not old. If you can’t remember film reels, you’re too young.

I was assured to learn that YesVideo is as paranoid as we are about our memories. Which is a good thing, considering most of us can’t remember the last time we took a look at those precious memories. The simple fact is, all our memories on any kind of tape (VHS, mini-DV, etc), photographs (slides, scrapbooks) will degrade. In fact, they are degrading right now in that box, or wherever you’ve stashed them. So preserving those moments is something we all should be thinking about, and doing something about.

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Did you know that YesVideo has retail locations in over 34,000 locations throughout the country? What does this mean? It might mean you’ve already used their services, and had no idea. It also means you can either package and pay to ship your memories directly to one of YesVideo’s facilities (Santa Clara, Ca or Norcross, Ga), or you can hit up a Costco, CVS, Walmart, Sam’s Club, or Walgreens and hand over your materials for them to pack up and ship off to YesVideo.


I was pleased to get the grand tour of the Santa Clara, Ca headquarters for YesVideo. We were taken through the process of what happens to your precious package, from start to finish.

There are cameras on the ceilings in each location, everywhere, watching as each and every piece of material travels through their facility. The company also tosses in dummy tapes in bins, to make sure that supervisors do a thorough job checking, and double-checking, to keep everyone on their toes.

Handling personal memories is serious business.

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YesVideo does not transfer copyrighted material. It also does not transfer videos that perhaps shouldn’t have been made in the first place. You get my drift. In fact, there are stories of people who have, upon the death of a parent, brought in a bunch of old videos, without a clue what’s on them, and then getting a call from YesVideo to say they couldn’t transfer a tape because of the adult content on it. Imagine learning about a completely different side of your parents, after their death that way. I promise to never do that to my kids. Also, I don’t want to see that.

After a tour of the company, YesVideo took us out for a grown-up play date. After all, their purpose is to preserve the memories we capture. Time to make some new ones. For me, it was a day of many firsts.

We hit up Johnny B’s for lunch and the arcade. I’ve been to Johnny B’s with the my family, but never just for me to play. It was fun to goof off and feel like a kid. I often still feel like a kid, but I felt like they were giving me permission to truly let go and simply be.

Next stop, Malibu Race Track for go-carting. I had always wanted to drive a go-cart, and I finally had that chance. I thought I was driving really fast. After looking at the video, I realized, I wasn’t.

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Just next door to the race track were softball batting cages. I had played softball when I was nine and ten years old – but I had never been to practice in a batting cage. Let’s just say, I am rusty.

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Our last stop was to Sky High trampoline center. Dude. It is pretty darn awesome. I want to go again. Luckily, I found one near me, and am so taking my kids there.

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I’m a huge fan of preserving memories. Maybe it’s part of my DNA, or maybe it’s just me. I love taking pictures, recording video and watching them over, and over.

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Each of the bloggers brought media to YesVideo to try out their transfer. I can’t wait to show you what I transferred, soon.

YesVideo is offering 15% off all online orders – use code BLOG15 at checkout.

Do you have a box of old movies, pictures that needs to be transferred? I’m curious, how many boxes do you have? What memories are you dying to see, share with your family friends? Have you used YesVideo? What was your experience like?

Interested in learning more about YesVideo? Find them online:





Here’s a Flickr album of our fun day too.


YesVideo paid for my accommodations, food, gas, and activities while visiting their facility. All opinions are entirely my own.


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