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Working Mama: Tammy Stokes

Celebrity trainer Tammy Stokes sat down with Vicki Stern-Brown to answer a few questions about her busy and exciting life in the world of health and wellness, A-List Style! See how Tammy juggles work and family as the founder of West Coast Workout.

Celebrity trainer Tammy Stokes sat down with Vicki Stern-Brown to answer a few questions about her busy and exciting life in the world of health and wellness, A-List Style! Tammy has trained numerous celebs to prepare for film and television projects in addition to maintaining their super healthy (and sexy) California look, shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh: John Travolta is one name we pulled out of Tammy.

You founded West Coast Workout, tell us how and why you started your business.

I missed the workouts I was accustomed to in Hollywood. I began traveling to LA to get my celebrity workout "fix." I was in the fitness business but working for a large organization. I decided to leave the company and begin my own, bringing the best of Hollywood training to Atlanta. I opened my private boutique studio, West Coast Workout in June 2007.

What ignited the inspiration for West Coast Workout?

I was unhappy with the training facilities in Atlanta. We needed something more than just another gym or fitness center. I wanted Hollywood training, a style of training more reliant on the body as its form of resistance. People are "hungry" for ideas on how to live healthier lives. We combine comprehensive training methods with lifestyle plans to inspire people to live their healthiest life.

Where is your company headquartered?

Sandy Springs, Georgia

Tell us how training a celebrity who is getting ready for a film is different from training a regular mom like me?

The motto of my studio is, "We bring the best of Hollywood training to Atlanta because we believe all our clients deserve to be treated like stars." I train regular moms just like I train "A" list celebrities.

Share with us the guiding principles you follow that make your business successful.

To work harder for my clients than any other trainer in the city. I love what I do. I live by my own principles everyday and I am living proof, it works! I lead by example.

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How do you balance owning a successful business and motherhood?

I rise before the sun and come home at the same time my 10 year old arrives off the school bus. I am there for my clientele, home for my children and have dinner on the table when my husband arrives from work. It is a busy life but a balanced one.

What is a typical day like for you?

4AM alarm "beep." Clients every hour on the hour, 2 group classes of 20, last client I see is at 2:30PM and I am home for my son by 3PM. I answer client emails in the evening mostly about nutrition.

How did the name West Coast Workout come about?

The workouts that I do are inspired by my years of living, training and learning in Southern California.

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?

I know I am influencing people to live a healthier life. That is my purpose on the planet other than being a mom and wife.

What is some of the best motherhood advice you’ve received?

Begin with your children from the start, developing healthy lifestyles. You are creating habits and you want those to permanently influence them in a positive way.

What is next for you?

A book and a video so West Coast Workouts can be experienced no matter where you live. I want the same for everyone-----health, love and happiness.



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