Win Your Instagram Printed in a Book!


GIVEAWAY TIME! Win your ENTIRE set of Instagram photos, printed into volumes! Just repost the image below on Instagram and use the hashtag #ChatbooksWinstagram2 to enter! If private, please comment on this post after reposting. Winner will be announced this Friday June 20th 2014. Good luck!

Win your Instagram photos in a book from Chat Books!

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What are Chat Books?

Instagram Book Series
Print your Instagram photos in a book series. 60 page volumes. $6 per volume. Free shipping.

Chatbook Series
A daily-life scrapbook for your private group. Easy as chat. 60-page volumes. $6 per volume. Free shipping.

Custom Books
Celebrate an event or a theme. Easy. Beautiful. Up to 300 pages. Starting at $6.

Amazing Quality - Incredible Price
6"x6" books. Perfect binding. Beautiful matte covers. 100# glossy photo pages. Vibrant colors. $6 per volume. Free shipping.

Chat Books Promise
We promise you will love your books. Full money-back guarantee. No fine print.


Printing and Framing Your Instagram Photos

Printing and Framing Your Instagram Photos

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