Wilmer Valderrama is Handy Manny

Do you think he uses "I'm Handy Manny" as a pick-up line?

When you google Wilmer Valderrama, here are some of the results that come up...

1. Wilmer Valderrama Sued by Neighbor - STOP THE PARTYING

2. Wilmer Valderrama Sounds Off on the Election

3. Zac Effron and Wilmer Valderrama Celebrate

4. Wilmer Valderrama: How the King of the Swoop Landed Minka Kelly

Now given he was on That '70s Show, and he DID release the classic song, "The Way I Fiesta" performed by his alter ego Eduardo Fresco in 2011. But he also has a reputation of being quite the party guy in Hollywood. And being a party guy can be expensive, so what's paying this guy's bills? Yup, that's right. His main gig, that seems to be very on the DL is his voice as Handy Manny.

Wilmer Valderrama IS HANDY MANNY!!

And for some reason, every time my US Weekly comes, and I see him out in a club surrounded by ladies, I think, does he ever use the fact that he's Handy Manny in a pick-up line?



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