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Why I dumped my purse for a camera bag – ONA bag review

I toted around a diaper bag for years.
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In fact, I had a diaper bag made especially for twins which, on long days could possibly exceed the airlines carry-on luggage limits. Before I shed my diaper bag, I began bringing my DSLR with me a lot. I tried to use the diaper pad to cushion the camera to prevent it from getting knocked around. My camera began to be a natural extension of my life as a mom and I didn’t want to leave it at home. I’m only an amateur photographer but having my camera with me is important.

And then one day the clouds parted and I saw a ray of sunshine. There were actually camera bags that weren’t giant, bulky, and rectangular. A camera bag that fit my style, that had plenty of room for granola bars, a spare diaper and protected my camera? I was converted. I may have exited the diaper bag stage but I’m still out and about with my kids all the time. We have lessons to go to, pack meetings to attend, zoo and museum visits, and plenty of playground time. The great thing about camera bags are that they are built with flexibility in mind with removable dividers, with pockets and extra space. And as a parent, I love and use that flexibility. With the affordability of DSLR cameras, it seems to be pretty common for moms and dads. So, I doubt I’m alone in this. And the more you carry that camera, the more you’ll use it. Which is why I’ve ditched my purse in favor of a camera bag.

Last month I received an ONA bag to write a review. The Leather Prince Street Messenger Bag in Dark Truffle, to be exact. Now, it can be an investment to purchase a camera bag and I’ve been burned before with a bag that started falling apart the moment I started carrying it. So, it’s important to me as a customer, especially when shopping online to be confident in the quality of the product.

ONA bags are what they say they are, premium bags. There is obvious care and attention to the design, the materials and the workmanship of the bag. I’ve been using this bag over the past month and I am confident in the company’s commitment to making a quality product that doesn’t fail and doesn’t disappoint. At first, I was a little worried about the leather because kids! unpredictable weather! etc. But it’s been resilient and managed to fit right into our outdoor adventures from the city to the woods. When I haven’t been carrying it, my husband has been ~~stealing~~ using it.

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As I mentioned before, I love the flexibility of camera bags as a parent. I don’t often carry more than one lens unless I’m specifically going out to shoot so on a day to day basis, I use those extra compartments for a water bottle, sunscreen, anti-bacterial wipes, etc. It still keeps my camera safe.

Here’s what I loved the most about the ONA bag:

  • The compartment for a laptop/tablet. I so frequently bring our tablet with us that this is really essential for me. The Prince Street bag accommodates an 11″ laptop too.
  • I love the exterior back pocket because I can easily slip my camera in and out but it has a magnetic strip so it stays shut. It’s the little details that I love.
  • Again with the details, the fold over design of the top flap includes side weather flaps that protect the contents of your bag when it folds over. Such thoughtful design.
  • I’ve said it before but I love that this is a bag that is sturdy but beautiful (so, so, pretty or handsome, whatever) and that I can depend upon the quality of the bag. When I’m out on blogging assignments, I feel confident and professional carrying my ONA bag.
  • The design of this bag allows it to carry everything you would need but is still compact and is a great size. In other words, it’s like that clown car that looks small but you keep pulling everything out. And it’s comfortable. I’ve had other camera bags dig into my shoulder but the ONA bag has yet to cause me any trouble.
  • Leather, sweet leather.

ONA bags are premium bags, so you will be making an investment. This isn’t my first camera bag, but it clearly the camera bag that will endure. ONA also offer stunning shoulder bags, backpacks, briefcases and more messenger bags. To see the selection of bags including what they can fit inside, visit


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