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Why Dyson is the Best Vacuum Ever

It is truly the nicest vacuum I’ve ever owned and I’m going to tell you why.
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This article is a sponsored post on behalf of Dyson. All opinions are my own.

Your suspicions were correct, Dyson really is the best vacuum ever. Not only do Dyson Vacuum's look cool, they get the job done. Dyson was kind enough to send me one of their V7's one year ago and I am still in love. It is truly the nicest vacuum I've ever owned and I'm going to tell you why.


1. It's Lightweight

My husbands first reaction to our new Dyson was that it was definitely too small to actually clean anything. It looks like it would only work on tile or wood floors, but for the first time living in our house, we had vacuum lines in our carpet after I vacuumed! I have been continually surprised at how well this little vacuum has cleaned my floors-and continues to 1 year later!

He also had some complaints about the size of the dust chamber. I did too until I realized how easy it was to empty it. It doesn't require going out to our dumpster like a normal size vacuum would because it's small enough to just empty into a kitchen trash. The way it's set up I don't even get my hands dirty!

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2. It's cordless

I have always refused to be a daily vacuumer and cords have been a big reason why. It is such a pain to drag a heavy vacuum out of the closet, plug it in, vacuum one floor, unplug and take the cord with you, plug back in and do this over and over. I am inherently clumsy and amazed at just how many times I can trip over a cord and also accidentally unplug my vacuum while using it. It's embarrassing how much of a hassle this is for me. Dyson has saved my bacon and made my life 10 times easier by just removing the entire ordeal. Their vacuum hangs on a charging dock and has a battery life long enough to easily vacuum one floor of a house (up to 30 minutes of fade-free suction).


3. It's Convenient

Until now, I would rarely bother to vacuum my car. Once again, it was such a hassle. I had to find an extension cord, haul my heavy vac out to the garage, plug it in and try not to get to tangled up in the cords. I find myself using my Dyson to vacuum my car all the time! The Dyson easily trasitions to a hand-held vacuuming, making vacuuming really easy so I don't mind doing it! It has lowered my stress level when my kids want to munch in the car or when my adult friends want to ride with us knowing I can quickly and easily clean up!


4. It's Kid-Friendly

Because this vacuum is so light, cordless and easy to use I haven't felt bad about giving my children more vacuuming chores! They love it because it's pink and I love it because now I can assign them tasks that involve vacuuming (including cleaning up their own messes in the car!).

After using this vacuum in my home of 3 kids, a cat, a dog and all of the neighborhood children for a year now I can absolutely testify that it keeps going and going and has lasted through the test of time! I just hope you love it as much as I have! They have a 90 day money back guarantee and warranty the vacuum for 2 full years so it's definitely worth a try!

This article is a sponsored post on behalf of Dyson. All opinions are my own.


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