Who are these kids and WHY are they calling me Mom?

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Rantings and ramblings of a swazy mom to almost 9 kids, married to one semi kiddo, 3 dogs, 3 kittens, adn you can't forget the turtle!


Who is This Kid Anyway?

One of the silliest bits of “wisdom” ever imparted to parents goes like this: “Children are like lumps of clay and parents are the sculptors.” This leads parents to believe that with the proper time and influence children can be shaped into whatever parents would like them to be.

Super Mom Saves the World

What happens when a normal, PTA-fearing mother of two teenagers suddenly finds herself thrust into a new career at the tender age of forty-one? And what if that career happens to involve an entirely new wardrobe, including high heels (which she hasn't worn in decades) and underwire bras (ditto)?