White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies


Have you seen the new White Peppermint M&M's? GO FIND THEM! I saw an ad for them the other day and when I sent my husband to Target this afternoon, I texted him a list that looked like this...

Toilet Paper

Soy Sauce

White Chocolate Peppermint M&M's. PLEASE.

They are a whole new form of M&M goodness. And while I'm clearly going to eat this entire bag myself, I think I might try to do something more productive with my next bag, like make cookies! Check out this incredible recipe for White Chocolate Peppermint M&M Cookies from Lil' Luna. I think I'll be baking these about four times before Christmas. At least. Enjoy!

Image from Lil' Luna

Image from Lil' Luna

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