Where Did The Scrapbook Room Go?

Where Did The Scrapbook Room Go?
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After giving up my beloved scrapbook room so the baby had a room of his own, I had to figure out where was all my STUFF going to live now.

Remember the picture?

The only place really left for my stuff was to create an area in our gameroom. At the time I was attempting homeschooling (a whole other story for another day). I had painted the gameroom a rich chocolate brown. **Word of warning… I don’t recommend using this dark of a color unless it’s a big room with lots of light. It will make a room look REALLY small if it’s small already or doesn’t have much natural light. The only other exception would be a media room when you want it dark.** Now since this “spot” was going to be all my own and a creative space I NEEDED it to reflect that and blend with the rest of the room… TA-DA!!!

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My husband’s reaction was less than thrilled. He wasn’t upset exactly, but the color was pretty BOLD! Honestly after I painted it and stepped back I thought, “WOW, THAT is really ummmm… BRIGHT.” However, I pushed through and followed the vision I had in my head trusting that once my stuff was up it wouldn’t be such a smack in the face. Once all the painting was done and dry I measured out my wall and went to my organizing mecca – The Container Store (insert affectionate sigh).

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When you plan on having an area like this and all your items are in opening viewing, rather than in cabinets, I recommend sticking to a color scheme and like items to store/display. Too many colors and sizes can make things look sloppy and overwhelming. For this particular room I used white to stand out from the brown walls and accent the turquoise one. You can already see as shelves start to go up and items on them the turquoise is a more subdued accent than when it was bare.

The finished project!

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This is what it looked like when I finished. I can assure you it doesn’t look exactly like this now. The general set up is the same, however, I’ve since purged a lot of my scrapbooking supplies and reorganized some things. That is one of my favorite things about using modular type storage bins, baskets, and the like. You can easily change things based on your needs. Paint & supplies cost less than $150 to put my gameroom/scraproom area together. Most of that was investing in the desk and shelves from The Container Store. Now I can enjoy crafting while my boys play.



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