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When Do Babies Say Their First Words?


My seven month old says mama. And I KNOW that sounds nuts...I'm fully prepared for post feedback commenting on babbling, this not being possible, and what kind of rookie are you type of comments. But it's true. I even have witnesses.

I wouldn't think this would be possible myself, but way, way, way back in the day when I was in high school, I used to baby-sit for this family who had two adorable little boys. And when the younger one was about eight months old, he said his first word. You could actually show this kid a picture of a cat, and he would say the word. It was AMAZING. And actually really hard to believe, but I saw it with my own eyes.

It took my daughter a long time to say mama. I don't even think I was in the top three. It went a little like this...

1. Dada (I was practically standing on my head trying to get her to say mama, and nope. Annoying.)

2. Down

3. Bye

4. Banana (Seriously? All the morning sickness, and I'm after banana?)

5. Mama

I know I sound like a looney bird saying that my seven month old can say a word. But he does, repeatedly. He'll lay there in his crib and say it over and over and over until I come, and then he stops. And if I leave, he starts right up again. My husband's heard it, my parents have heard it, my daughter's heard it. So we're all looney birds.

Click here to read what WebMD has to say about baby's first words. When did your baby say their first words? Any VERY early speakers out there or am I really a looney bird?

That's right...he's KIND OF a big deal...

That's right...he's KIND OF a big deal...

Speak up...

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