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What's In Your Easter Basket?

I hate jelly beans; they’re gross. However, I buy them anyway because it seems like you can’t have an Easter basket without jelly beans.
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I hate jelly beans.

They’re gross. However, I buy them anyway because it seems like you can’t have an Easter basket without jelly beans. Peeps fall into the same category: gross, seriously gross, but it’s not an Easter basket without those colored sugar-covered marshmallows. I full-on admit I buy jelly beans and Peeps because I am not tempted in the least to eat them.
I can’t bring myself to buy the creme eggs, either. Eww. The Cadbury mini-eggs? Those are harder to avoid. There may be a bag underneath my pillow in my bedroom. Shut up. I’m pregnant. No one will find them there. I live in a hostile state.

jelly beans

Peanut butter eggs make the cut, and so do Lindt chocolate bunnies. Robin’s eggs go in (if only for the lipstick factor.) A variety of gummy candies are also in the bottom of the big bag in my craft closet.

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This year we went to a thrift store to pick up Easter baskets. I tried to get my boys to pick actual wicker baskets, but they were enticed by the bright pink and purple plastic baskets--exactly what they would’ve picked had we been inside a retail shop. At least we’re re-using. No stuffed animals this year; at 7 and 4 I think they’re over the animals.

Each basket gets a new book, which almost outed me. A couple week’s ago my oldest accused me of being the Easter Bunny because “there’s always a book in our basket and YOU LOVE BOOKS.” I didn’t know it was an identifying characteristic, dude.

Hit me with what the Easter Bunny stashes in your baskets--I’m looking for a few new ideas that aren’t sugar and sugar-related.



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