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What I’ve Learned From Other Mothers

When I think about mothers whom I have learned from about the actual act of "motherhood", many different women come to mind.
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Guest post from Meg Duerksen, Whatever

when i think about mothers whom i have learned from about the actual act of "motherhood"

many different women come to mind.

mothers that love their children for who they are and what they can see in their child's future.

mothers that encourage the gifts each individual child has.

mothers who listen more than they talk.

mothers who have boundaries and rules but aren't dictators.

mothers who are life and in discipline.

mothers that are faithful in prayer for their children.

what i have taken away from the mothers in my life is that i can relax and enjoy them.

they will get hurt.

they will get sick.

they will get their hearts broken.

and they may in fact break MY heart.

but i cannot control them.

i get to teach them, advise them, love them and dream big for them.

but they have the choice to become whatever they whatever effort they want...

make good or not-so-good choices for their life.

i cannot make them choose my way.

and that is liberating.

it makes me want to teach, advise, love and dream even more.

because if i am doing that....i am doing my best.

if i give my best to my kids...then I AM GIVING MY BEST.

nothing is better than that.

i like to have fun with my kids.

i love to see them get silly or messy.

and it makes me so happy to see them be creative.

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it's ok to get messy.

it's ok to be silly.

it's ok to be whatever kind of mom you want to be!

it's ok to say no (to cell phones or sleep overs....)

it's ok to say yes (to one more cookie...paint on their hands...staying up late to read).

it is an honor to be a mother.

in my humble opinion....there is no greater calling on earth.

nor is there a harder profession.

i am giving it my best.

happy mother's day.


Meg Duerksen is the polka dot loving creative mother, blogger and photographer behind the wheel of Whatever.



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