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At TodaysMama we’ve always been passionate about the events and issues that shape our country and our world. As mothers, business owners and individuals in an ever-changing world that is becoming increasingly smaller and smaller we feel that our collective role is more important than ever. We see people everywhere making a difference in our world and we see that mothers matter more than ever.

At TodaysMama we’ve always been passionate about the events and issues that shape our country and our world. As mothers, business owners and individuals in an ever-changing world that is becoming increasingly smaller and smaller we feel that our collective role is more important than ever. We see people everywhere making a difference in our world and we see that mothers matter more than ever.

In that spirit we are excited to announce the launch of The MamaVote Project – a non-partisan initiative aimed at educating and inspiring mothers everywhere to make a difference in their communities and in our nation.

Technology has given us a voice and a way to connect to one another in revolutionary ways. We have access to information, people, and places almost instantly. TodaysMama hopes to use technology and the Internet to make politics and involvement a bit more accesible for women of all ages.

Why the Mamas? We vote in higher percentages than our counterparts. We are also traditionally considered the swing vote, which means that in a world that has indeed grown somehow smaller our voices and our actions count more than ever. One vote is important.

Why One Vote Matters

•One vote made Oliver Cromwell Lord Protector of the Commonwealth of
England in 1645.

•One vote caused Charles I to be executed in 1649.

•One vote elected Thomas Jefferson president in 1800.

•One vote made Texas part of the U.S. in 1845.

•One vote saved President Andrew Johnson from impeachment in 1868.

•One vote changed France from a monarchy to a Republic in 1875.

•An average of only one vote per precinct passed women’s suffrage in California in 1911.

•Less than one vote per precinct, in one state, elected Woodrow Wilson President in 1912.

•One vote made Tennessee the 36th state to ratify the 19th amendment, which gave women the right to vote in 1920.

•One vote made Adolph Hitler head of the Nazi party in 1923.

•A change of one vote per precinct in three states in 1968 would have made Hubert Humphrey president instead of Richard NIxon

(One Vote information provided by the League of Women Voters)

What you’ll find on The MamaVote Project

We have designed our features on the MamaVote to educate and inspire – so whether we’re bringing you the nuts and bolts on an issue, or an inspirational story about someone making a difference we hope you will leave with something that has enriched your knowledge and desire to make a difference.

Register to Vote

oThe first place to start! And you can do it by clicking on the “Register to Vote” link in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Guest Columnists

oNext month in place of our Welcome Message you will be hearing from a guest contributor who will address some of the different themes and topics being presented on the MamaVote that month.

Two Sides

oThere’s two sides to every story and we want you to hear both of them. We’ve picked important issues that you will be needing to make decisions about and brought you perspectives from both sides of the fence.

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Nuts and Bolts

oNow what? We’ve got you all fired up about something or inspired to make a difference but you need to know what to do next? Every month we’ll break it down to the nuts and bolts – the basic things you really can do to make a difference.

League of Women Voters

oWe have partnered with the League of Women Voters on The MamaVote Project and each month they’ll contribute articles that will expand your knowledge base. They also bring with them the tools to help you register to vote online and connect you with representatives in your neck of the woods.


oWe wanted to talk to other women and mothers out there holding office and making a difference. We designed these short Q&A’s to not only let you see what makes them tick but we also wanted to put faces with the names of some of the great people serving our country and communities.

Monthly Recap from the Discussion Divas

oWe’ve partnered with Discussion to bring you a recap of the month’s most meaningful events. Discussion takes critical, hot topics in the news and boils them down into just enough to survive any adult weekend conversation.

In Depth Interviews

oEach month we’ll talk to extraordinary people that are working to make a difference in our country.

Monthly Features

- Other monthly features include featured bloggers, trivia and humor, inspirational stories and more.

From our Staff

“In college I set out to major in Political Science. I changed my mind quickly after the first course I took. The whole class made me angry! I felt helpless to sit back and soak in all of our nation’s problems while I felt like there was no possible way to change any of it. That was 1997. In 10 short years our world has changed – I’ve watched and read countless stories of one person doing big things – and yes one vote mattering more than ever. Technology has made the world a smaller and more accessible place and in my mind it has increased our ability to reach out, share and be heard. I now believe more than ever that each one of us can truly make a difference.”

-Rachael Herrscher

“When I was younger and blessed with more free time, it was easier to stay informed. Now that the luxury of time is just that – a luxury – I’ve found it harder to stay on top of the political events that impact my community and the world at large. Now that my daily news-radio filled commute has been replaced with activities much closer to home, I believe the Mama Vote Project will be a program that will help women like me stay informed, engaged and active.”

- Erin Oltmanns

"Our system of government, which has blessed our lives and provided the freedom to prosper, only works well if citizens become involved. Government is too important to leave to someone else. You may not think you know much about politics or government, but you know what is right and wrong and you can make a contribution."

"Mama Vote is an important project because it will not only help educate Todays Mama readers about the issues of the day and how government works, but it will also offer entry points and suggestions on how to actually get involved and make a difference."

-LaVarr Webb

“Our County allows everyone the extraordinary opportunity of MAKING A DIFFERENCE. But we all need a little help to be empowered, knowledgeable and positioned to help shape our communities.

Our hope is that MamaVote bridges the gap between what is possible for ANY ONE INDIVIDUAL, and the practical “carpool realities” of our modern lives.”

- Maura Carabello

Welcome to The MamaVote!


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