Weekly To Do List Printable

I know. I’m on a list kick.
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But this one is too good not to share immediately.

A few months ago I started mapping out my weekly to do list, by day, as opposed to making one gigantic list on Sunday night. This has helped me wrangle all sorts of tasks that had been floating out in the wilderness.

By mapping out my week by day, I can break apart that overwhelming list into bite-sized pieces. I can put workouts on the schedule and plan my day accordingly. I can make sure I do our weekly meal planning before we run out of food. I do errands on my lunch, instead of ALL WEEKEND LONG. (Two weekends of that was quiteenough.)

I usually just write out the days of the week, but now I can look like a professional with this free printable weekly to do list from A Pair of Pears.

What’s your to do list strategy? By day or willy-nilly?


It was a colorful week at our house.

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