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Weekly Round Up

It was a short week, so I have a short list of wonderful from the web...

After years of wanting to learn to can food, my favorite girl Becky made it happen for me.

See those peaches? I did that!

See those peaches? I did that!

With a total of five kids to wrangle among the boiling, peeling, filling and processing, it took us all day to bust out a bushel of peaches. On the way home I called my husband and he asked how I liked canning.

“Oh, I like it a lot. All those simple tasks to let’s me get a little OCD.”

He laughed. Because he knows me. Those laughs are the best.


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It was a short week, so I have a short list of wonderful from the web...

See my statement above about liking tasks? This post about balancing tasks and people from Simple Mom made a huge lightbulb appear over my head

Speaking of peaches...and Becky, check out this dessert recipe. MMMMmmmm. She was going to let me try some but then she was all, “oh never mind, you’re on a diet”. Whatevs, Becky, I’m onto your game.

This healthy breakfast from This Lunch Rox is going to the top of my least once the weather cools down.

Every once in awhile someone sums up a motherhood milestone so well, it makes me altogether proud and teary. Here’s one of those posts from Erin of Swonderland.

Just because school has started, doesn’t mean you can’t still get your BTS craft on. Check out Marie’s “Back to School” board on Pinterest.

Have a wonderful weekend! I’m catching up on work...what are you doin?


Day 3. Fun with stickers!

Weekly Round Up

A few of my favorites from around the web this week.


Weekly Round Up

When I wasn’t sweating, pinning or hopping, I found a few posts I wanted to share with you this week...

It was a colorful week at our house.

Weekly Round Up

Kick off your Labor Day weekend with a few of Erin's favorite posts from this week on the web...


Weekly Round Up

Here’s hoping your weekend is intensity-free and fun-filled. When you need to sneak in to cool off, put your feet up and enjoy a few wonderful posts from around the web...


The YAY Friday Round Up: Abandoned for Blogher

Abandoned. Most of the TodaysMama staff has jetted off to fabulous NYC to enjoy Blogher. I’m at home. What? The? Heck?

Erica and I (and the baby!) basking in the pink glow of the evo’11 stage.

Weekly Round Up

It is pretty nonsensical to round up a week on a Monday. Which, I know. But last week? Last week was consumed by all things evo’11...

Birthday Blooms

Weekly Round Up

I’ve just returned from Costco with the most glorious dose of happy flowers. I’ve been known to splurge on a $9 bouquet every once in awhile, but since it’s my birthday this weekend, I thought I’d go crazy and blow twenty bucks. The results are delightful.


The YAY Friday Round Up

As we count down the minutes to the actual weekend, here a few online goodies I wanted to share...